Metabolomics Services

quality picture for websiteStemina Biomarker Discovery offers a broad suite of metabolomic services focused on identifying metabolites and biomarkers of many biological processes. By focusing on the small molecules, either secreted or consumed by cells, the metabolomics platform is capable of identifying metabolite patterns associated with toxicology, cellular response to drugs or chemicals, or biomarkers associated with disease. 

Our team has experience in working with a spectrum of clients that include pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, and cosmetics companies. In addition to the identification of biomarkers, Stemina’s proprietary metabolomics database maps significantly changed small molecules to the molecular pathways in which they reside. The workflow begins with biological sample acquisition, sample preparation and evaluation by high performance liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry, followed by univariate and multivariate bioinformatic analysis, data mining, evaluation, and interpretation.

Experience counts:

We routinely analyze materials and supernatant from cell culture, human tissue and body fluids, and plant samples. Our team has extensive experience in metabolomic analysis with a  specialization in the use of human derived stem cells for performing many of these tests. We routinely conduct studies in embryonic stem (hES) cells, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, as well as a variety of cell types based on selective differentiation into cells such as cardiomyocytes.

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