Gina Wentling   Posted in News    Jun 14th, 2017

Stemina’s Jessica Palmer to Present at Teratology Society Annual Meeting

Jessica Palmer, Stemina’s Associate Director of Toxicology, will present at the Teratology Society’s 57th Annual Meeting, held June 24-28, 2017 in Denver. Anyone interested in developmental toxicity assays is encouraged to attend.

Prediction of Developmental Toxicity Potential by In Vivo Exposures with a Biomarker-Based Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Assay
This presentation is part of Platform Session 2: Mechanistic and Clinical Teratology
Monday, June 26 | 9:15 AM
Colorado Ballroom B

About the presentation
Previous approaches for evaluating the accuracy of alternative test methods have been based on the classification of a chemical as either a positive or a negative, with no other distinction. This method does not mimic the in vivo situation, where a chemical is positive or negative in the context of dose level. 

The Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Technical Committee of the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute has published a list of positive and negative developmental exposures, with exposure defined by toxicokinetic data, specifically maternal plasma Cmax and embryo concentrations (Daston et al., 2014). We tested this chemical/exposure set with a previously developed, predictive, in vitro human pluripotent stem cell-based targeted biomarker assay (devTOXqP). 

The devTOXqP assay was designed around the premise that manifestation of developmental toxicity is dependent to a large degree on chemical dose.