Our History

Stemina Biomarker Discovery was established in November 2006 and was founded by Elizabeth Donley, JD, MBA, MS and Gabriela Cezar, DVM, PhD. Stemina’s technology arises from the pioneering work of Dr. Cezar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, on the strategic convergence of two cutting-edge technologies: stem cells and metabolomics. The company’s first commercial product was launched at the March 2009 Society of Toxicology meeting, held in Washington D.C. This drug screening service uses human embryonic stem cells to screen drugs, chemicals, consumer products, and cosmetics for their potential effect on the developing human embryo. Additional drug screening programs are in various stages of development that will continue to use the theme of bringing stem cell biology and metabolomics together for biomarker discovery. The team has grown by adding very skilled staff and continues to expand with newer efforts directed toward discovery of novel diagnostic biomarkers with projects in autism, cancer, and reproductive biology.