Stemina specializes in metabolomic technologies to understand cell biology in both health and disease. Our current platforms are focused in the areas of toxicology and diagnostics through our neurodevelopmental disorders division NeuroPointDX.

Stemina Biomarker Discovery is a metabolomics company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of molecular biomarkers to improve drug safety and human health. Stemina’s cell-based assays arise from the strategic convergence of two cutting edge technologies: human embryonic stem (hES) cells and metabolomics. Stemina uses mass spectrometry to analyze the small molecules secreted by hES cells, and differentiated cells such as heart and neural cells made from hES cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), in response to drugs, injury, or disease. Stemina opened its state-of-the-art facilities for hES cell culture and mass spectrometry in Madison, Wisconsin on November 1, 2007.

Customer workflow

Creating success by working with Stemina


Project workflows begin with a discussion with the Stemina team to assure that the experimental design is focused and the studies are powered appropriately to yield the desired outcomes.

Once agreement has been reached on the study design, an experienced scientific project leader is assigned and your work is scheduled. During the project, there are frequent check-ins to advise clients on progress. The team, led by the project manager, includes members of Stemina’s scientific team from biology, analytical technology, and informatics. The team stays with the project throughout to assure a seamless experience.

A detailed report is prepared containing a summary of the data and results. In addition, a presentation and a discussion with clients is held to take advantage of Stemina’s experience in metabolomics and to maximize the value of the work.

European Partner

CiToxLab-logoThe CiToxLAB Group offers a comprehensive range of preclinical and specialty safety evaluation services from its facilities in France, Canada, Denmark, and Hungary. CiToxLAB is a leading preclinical service company offering a wide range of drug development services across a global network. CiToxLAB offers a wealth of experience and performs comprehensive services in all areas of preclinical drug development for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, agrochemical, and consumer product industries.


Stemina Quality: The Key to Our Success

Stemina operates all of its services under a quality system approximating GLP conditions. Elements of our system include:

  • Instrument and process controls
  • Program management
  • Quality review board
  • Management reviews
  • Good recordkeeping practices
  • Document archival and retention
  • Change control processes
  • Deviation management
  • Corrective and preventative actions
  • Personnel qualifications and training 

Quality Vision Statement

Stemina will consistently deliver innovative, high-quality science and technology focused on improving the utility of our data and results leading to superior customer satisfaction.

Quality Mission Guides

  • Deliver high quality, consistent, reproducible results.
  • Research and develop new technologies, methods, and standard.
  • Proactively communicate and share knowledge.
  • Apply the knowledge to enhance our products, technologies, processes, and services.
  • Continually monitor and improve our performance toward customer satisfaction and company goals.
  • Strive for prevention of failure, error reduction, and increased customer satisfaction.

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