Posted in    Mar 2nd, 2006

Embryonic Stem Cells in Predictive Cardiotoxicity: Laser Capture Microscopy Enables Assay Development

Toxicological Sciences

Volume 90, Issue 1, March 2006, Pages 149-158

Embryonic stem (ES) cells offer unprecedented opportunities for in vitro drug discovery and safety assessment of compounds. Cardiomyocytes derived from ES cells enable development of predictive cardiotoxicity models to increase the safety of novel drugs. Heterogeneity of differentiated ES cells limits the development of reliable in vitro models for compound screening. We report an innovative and robust approach to isolate ES-derived cardiomyocytes using laser microdissection and pressure catapulting (LMPC). LMPC cells were readily applied onto 96-well format in vitro pharmacology assays.

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